Depression & Acceptance 
Medium: Mirror
Exhibited as part of the Khamsa: The five stages of Grief, A multimedia group exhibition at Aggregate Space Gallery in Oakland in  2022. 
Depression often feels like being shattered into countless pieces, lacking the energy to reassemble oneself. Amid the brokenness, the path to restoration remains elusive, leaving you buried beneath the weight of your fragmented self.
Acceptance, however, does not signify complete healing or the absence of pain. Instead, it marks a transformative shift in perspective towards life, self, and others. At times, you may find certain pieces of yourself irretrievable, while others emerge with fresh insights and angles. In the acceptance stage, you acquire the skill of coexisting with your pain, painstakingly reconstructing yourself, one piece at a time. Sometimes, you carry on with your life, beautifully imperfect.
Why Mirror?
The purpose of incorporating a mirror into this art piece is to engage the audience in a reflective experience. When viewers gaze into a shattered mirror, they encounter themselves fragmented from various vantage points. This interactive element invites introspection and a deeper connection with the complex journey of grief and acceptance.

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